Amanda Buchheit


Collaboration is a guiding principle in my practice – I see you as the expert on yourself and your story. My goal is to build a partnership where my clients’ insights and values are actively incorporated into the process. I have experience working with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and anger.

I believe that your personal relationships have a profound impact on your mental health. Our sessions will be a non-judgmental space for you to consider how you can show up in your relationships as your authentic self. We’ll examine communication patterns, address conflict resolution, and foster a deeper understanding of your relational needs.

I am also trained in navigating the complexities of trauma, and I strive to create an environment where you feel safe to share your experiences at your own pace. I draw on evidence-based therapeutic techniques to address the effects of trauma; this will include exploring coping strategies, building a foundation for emotional regulation, and reclaiming a sense of control over your life.

I actively integrate principles of social justice into our therapeutic process. This means acknowledging and exploring the influence of identity, societal structures, and power dynamics on your mental health. We’ll examine how broader social issues intersect with your personal experiences and find opportunities to empower yourself.

I am looking forward to working with you in our Wexford office or via telehealth.